ESC2015: Eurovision Song Contest – BuildingBridges/Aus dem Leben einer Volunteerin. Impressions via Facebook

© 2015 Caroline Rapatz

ESC 2015 Impressions: #BuildingBridges

„Ehrung von Udo Jürgens am Eurovision Song Contest in Wien: 7 mal Doppelplatin, Platin und Gold“

 Eintrag via Facebook:

© 2015 Caroline Rapatz
Eurovision Song Contest – Building Bridges 2015:
„Village People“ (Eurovision Village Volunteers) im Euro Club / Ottakringer Brauerei
Foto: © 2015 Caroline Rapatz
Michaela Greil hat Udo Jürgens – Offizielle Facebooksites Beitrag geteilt — hier: Eurovision Village at Wiener Rathausplatz.

„ESC 2015 Impressions: ‪#‎BuildingBridges‬
One of my working places last week. I am thankful for having a good time with the „Village People“ (Crew at Eurovision Village) on this rainy day. Many thanks to Dominik Beckmann/SonyMusic for capturing these moving and special moments! 🙂

Btw.: As Head of Side Events & Pre-Show ESC 2015 Thomas Schmidle said, it was the largest Eurovision Village in the history of Song Contest with about 120.000 visitors counted during the whole village time.“

Hier ist der geteilte Beitrag:

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